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Desir Absolu

Desir Absolu


Soft sandalwood notes along with warm, spicy coriander are delicately balanced with fresh orange and lemon. While deep, sensual rose and patchouli bring a floral accent to this lush fragrance, smokey amber and earthy musk give an added depth of sensuality creating an exotic and enticing fragrance of beauty and subtle power that beckons women and men alike.

Notes: rose, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, coriander, lemon, orange, musk.
Desir Body Lotion (16oz Aluminum) Desir Body
Lotion (16oz Aluminum)


Desir Body Lotion (16oz) Desir
Body Lotion (16oz)


Desir Body Lotion (4oz) Desir
Body Lotion (4oz)


French Perfume (4oz)


French Perfume (1.8oz)


hb-desir-perfume-roll.jpg Desir French Perfume
9ml. Roll on


Desir Body Wash (16oz) Desir
Body Wash (16oz)


Desir Rice Body
Powder Canister (8oz)


Desir Rice Body
Pwdr Refill (8oz)


Desir Soy Wax Candle Desir Absolu
Soy Wax Massage Candle


Desir Hydrating Body Mist (8oz) Desir Hydrating
Body Mist (8oz)


French Body Argan Oil (8oz)


hb-desir-travelset.jpg Desir Gift Set
(4oz Lotion/Mist/Wash)


HB_Desir_Polish.jpg Desir
Raw Sugar Body Polish (8oz.)


hb-desir-salt-linen.jpg Desir
Bath Salts with Linen Bag (16oz)


Desir French
Home Spray (8oz)


Desir Laundry
Powder Canister 3lbs.


Desir Laundry
Powder Refill 3lbs.


Desir Liquid Detergent Desir
Liquid Detergent (16oz)


Desir Fabric Softener Desir
Fabric Softener (16oz)


Desir Absolu Linen Water Desir
Linen Water (16oz)


hb-desir-rice-sachet.jpg Desir Rice
Powder Sachet (Pack of 3)


rice-powder-mini-puff.jpg Desir Absolu
Rice Powder & Mini-Puff (3oz)


Desir Liquid Hand Soap (8oz) Desir
Liquid Hand Soap (8oz)


hb-desir-barsoap.jpg Desir
French Body Bar Soap (5oz)


Desir Whipped Body Butter Desir
Argan Oil Whipped Body Butter (8oz)



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