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Pamplemousse Body Lotion (16oz Aluminum)

Pamplemousse Body
Lotion (16oz Aluminum)
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Pamplemousse Vanille (Grapefruit Vanilla) The Fresh-Citrus world of fragrance is where she calls home. Pungent, refreshing grapefruit in balanced harmony with tropical, sweet orchid-vanilla accentuate her open, piquant personality. Alluring, sensual musk coupled with elusive violet and enticing almond give her an added depth of both sexuality and femininity.

Our emollient rich base of pure Aloe Vera in combination with the skin softening properties of deeply hydrating African Shea Butter and healing Vitamin E, make our Natural Body Lotion exceptional. The addition of our long-lasting, sophisticated French fragrance (12-18 hours), completes the formula, adding the dewy freshness of youth to your skin... greater elasticity, sensual softness and youthful suppleness.

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Ratings & Reviews Pamplemousse Body
Lotion (16oz Aluminum)
Average rating:
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Pamplemousse Body
Lotion (16oz Aluminum)
Excellent and Exquisite
The first time I smelled Pamplemousse Vanille I fell in love. I had to have it! It stays on all day and at night before I go to bed I apply on my neck and arms and the next morning I still smell it on me. I absolutely love it, it is like no other lotion you will apply and smell. Love it love it!!!!!!!
Pamplemousse Body
Lotion (16oz Aluminum)

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