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Luxurious Body Lotion TENDRE EST LA NUIT

Tender is the Night-The Opulent Floral world of fragrance is her feminine domain. A bouquet of the sweetest clusters of night blooming jasmine, layered with petals of lush roses and enchanting droplets of evening primrose are all seductively entwined with tantalizing ylang ylang blossoms to form a creature of unsurpassed beauty and sensuality.
EX_Tendre_Perfume.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
French Perfume (4oz)

$119.50 $71.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_rPerfume.jpg Tendre French
Perfume 9ml. Roll on

$29.50 $17.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Oil_8oz.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
French Body Oil (8oz)

$36.50 $21.90 On Sale!

Tendre est la Nuit
Body Lotion (16oz Aluminum)

$45.50 $27.30 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Lotion_16oz_P.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
Body Lotion (16oz)

$42.50 $25.50 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_tLotion.jpg Tendre Body
Lotion Travel (4oz)

$19.50 $11.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Rice_8oz.jpg Tendre Rice Body
Powder Canister (8oz)

$49.50 $29.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_RiceRefill_8oz.jpg Tendre Rice
Body Pwdr Refill (8oz)

$34.50 $20.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_RicePuff_8oz.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
Rice Powder & Puff (5oz)

$69.50 $41.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Mist_8oz.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
Hydrating Mist (8oz)

$35.50 $21.30 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_tMist.jpg Tendre Hydrating
Mist Travel (4oz)

$19.50 $11.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Salt_Linen.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
Bath Salts with Linen Bag (16oz)

$29.50 $17.70 On Sale!

Tendre est la Nuit Body
Wash (16oz Aluminum)

$39.50 $23.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Wash_16oz_P.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
Body Wash (16oz)

$37.50 $22.50 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_tWash.jpg Tendre Body
Wash Travel (4oz)

$19.50 $11.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_TravelSet.jpg Tendre Gift Set
(4oz Lotion/Mist/Wash)

$58.50 $35.10 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_hSpray_8oz.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
French Home Spray (8oz)

$29.50 $17.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_LdryPwdr.jpg Tendre/Jasmine Laundry
Powder Canister 3lbs.

$28.50 $17.10 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_LdryPwdr_Refill.jpg Tendre/Jasmine Laundry
Powder Refill 3lbs.

$25.50 $15.30 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_LdryPwdr_Box.jpg Tendre/Jasmine
Laundry Powder Box 1lb.

$14.50 $8.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Detergent_16oz.jpg Tendre/Jasmine
Liquid Detergent (16oz)

$26.50 $15.90 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Softener_16oz.jpg Tendre/Jasmine
Fabric Softener (16oz)

$20.50 $12.30 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Linen_16oz.jpg Tendre/Jasmine
Linen Water (16oz)

$19.50 $11.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_RicePuffV.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
Rice Powder & Puff in Ceramic Vessel (5oz)

$79.50 $47.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_Salt_8oz.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
Bath Salt w/ Ceramic Container (8oz)

$39.50 $23.70 On Sale!

EX_Tendre_mPerfume.jpg Tendre est la Nuit
French Perfume (1.8oz)

$69.50 $41.70 On Sale!

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