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Citron Gift Set 4oz. ea.

Designed by La Bouquetiere in California Fragrances made in France

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Incorporate all three of your favorites in aluminum dispensers. Gorgeously gift-boxed,


Body Lotion. 4 oz. / 118 ml.

Hydrating Body Mist. 4 oz. / 118 ml.

Body and hand Wash. 4 oz. / 118 ml.

Our lotions add youthful elasticity and fullness to the skin. Compounded with our French fragrances is a skin-smoothing emollient base. They are highly absorbent and will last 12 to 18 hours.

All-purpose mist for face and body. Provides hydration to all skin types and quickly relieves uncomfortable dryness.

Our signature mist is a refreshing, uplifting blend of natural ingredients, all working together to aid in stress reduction, mood enhancement, and an overall feeling of well-being.

Our Natural Body & Hand Wash is formulated with natural tree bark and pure botanicals to gently yet effectively cleanse and hydrate your skin. Then, with a kiss of our top French fragrances.


Notes: citron, incense, greens.

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