Tangerine & Spice Dish Soap (19oz)

$25.50 $8.50

Tangerine & Spice Dish Soap (19oz)

$25.50 $8.50

Fresh, piquant, pungent and altogether delightful is the essence of our vine-ripe Green Tomato fragrance. Not unlike the warm, potent, inviting scents filling the air when you lightly brush the green tomato vines of summer.

The concentrated properties of our liquid dish soap were created to combine deep grease-fighting cleansers with subtle herbal fragrances.
It makes dish washing both pleasant and soothing…naturally.

Coconut/Vegetable Surfactants, Corn Based Thickener, Deionize Citrus Water, Earth Salt,phenoxyethanol.
All ingredients are biodegradable.
Common Sense Caution: Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children.

Made in France & USA

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