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HH GreenTomato Hand Lotion (17oz)

HH GreenTomato
Hand Lotion (17oz)
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$42.50 $21.25


Fresh, piquant, pungent and altogether delightful is the essence of our vine-ripe Green Tomato fragrance. Not unlike the warm, potent, inviting scents filling the air when you lightly brush the green tomato vines of summer.

Shea butter with vitamin E and aloe form the base of our emollient-rich, herbal hand lotion. You will want to use this soothing and healing hand lotion throughout the entire day.

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HH GreenTomato
Hand Lotion (17oz)
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

HH GreenTomato
Hand Lotion (17oz)
Unique Summer Smell
I was given these Green Tomato products years ago by a friend and adored the fresh, unique smell of the counter spray. I recently found I had an unopened hand lotion bottle left from this original gift and decided to try and find more. I did, and received the order very quickly. The quality of the actual lotion is much heavier and quite wonderful. Sadly, however, a new element has been added to the smell which makes it a bit sweeter in general and is not a smell I am particularily fond of. It is close to the original Green Tomato but not exact. I am still using the new lotion, and getting used to the smell, but had it come without the addition I would have been in Green Tomato heaven. Those who have no experience with the old smell would not find anything amiss.

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