Romance abounds with scents of a garden path. Important notes include Jasmine, rose, gardenia, lilac, violet, and lavender.

Clean and crisp with subtle hints of citrus. Notes include lemon, mandarin, water Lily, chamomiles, and sage.

Think musk and exotic flowers. Typical notes include clove, pepper, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver.

Woodsy, mossy with unmistakably clean, bright crispness. Notes include sandalwood and cedar combined with earthy oak moss and fern.





Tips to help you choose that oh-so-perfect scent.

· Apply fragrance to pulse points, such as your wrist and the back of the knee.
· Always sample Fragrance on your skin and allow it to develop over time.
· Make sure to take a break after sampling three fragrances.
· Smell coffee beans between samplings; it will cleanse your palate.


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