Just had to write a quick note to say thank-you! I just received my order, and it was so beautifully presented! Your thoughtful packaging, little sample lotions, etc., do not go unnoticed by your customers. Just lovely to open!
Michelle Quinn

Hi. I just received today my shipment (order # 98919) and I want to thank you so much for sending the new atomizer bulb for my Embrasse Moi perfume bottle. I’d sent you an email asking if I could buy one because mine had split and didn’t work anymore…

A few minutes later I placed an order online.  Your customer service team put the two things together, without my saying a word about my purchase, and you sent me another atomizer for free!!!!!  That was such a nice thing to do.  Thank you and congratulations to your team.
Regardless, thank you so much for being such a great company.
Dear La Bouquetiere,
    I just received my package. As ALWAYS it was an exquisite pleasure opening it and going through the contents. Even though I ordered and paid for these items myself, every package from you always seems like it is a gift from you to me. I feel valued as a customer and that makes a big difference to me.
Laurel Van Maren

 I am always so surprised by your generous samples and other little things that you add. I never know what will be in my package!! I always save the little containers and reuse them, too, once I’m done with the sample. I have them scattered around my house so I have a little bit of fragrant lotion everywhere to use whenever I need to.

Laurel Van Maren
This new scent, which I have never noticed before   – Esperance Santal – is wonderful! I’ll be ordering some the next time I place an order. Thank you again for the samples, the surprises, and the way everything is boxed. I always save the pretty paper and reuse it, and I think of you when I do. I know a machine didn’t pick my things and package them. Many thanks the real human beings who work for you.
    Best wishes to you.
Laurel Van Maren

You are a treat & each & every lovely part of my order is a delight❣️  Thank you for existing & sharing such beauty!

Margaret McMillan

Thank you for the most special gift you are💟

Margaret McMillan

Thank you for years of beautiful products! Last year was tough for all, and it feels good to be able to order a few luxuries. The sale is making that possible for me, but will be back soon for my favorites.

Haley Kilpatrick Dozier

I  would like to thank you for the lovely body lotion I purchased from you. It is a gift for my 102 year old mother who loves Muguet.  I have been looking for quite some time to find a product that both smells nice and is great lotion.  Thanks again she can now remember her glory years.


You all have the most wonderful products. I have been using them for years…with one signature scent. I love everything about what you do from the great products, the beautifully wrapped boxes and your web page. Thank you, thank you. It’s like Christmas every day thanks to La Bouquetiere.



Ann Coakley

Many, many years ago I bought the Tendre est la Nuit body lotion, and loved it. I am very sensitive to scents, and have found that there are only a couple I can wear without difficulty. The other scent I could wear was discontinued by the company long ago. So, it’s been pretty much Jergens Original lotion for me for years. Bored, I was. Bored. 

Dannette Greenslade

Then, one night I was thinking about this mysterious scent I loved, but couldn’t quite recall the name. Tendre…something. Cute metal bottle. So I went searching, and eventually found it! Yippee! Ordered, arrived, same delicious scent that I can wear without burning eyes and a sore throat. 

Dannette Greenslade
But wait…samples, too!? With some trepidation I smelled them. Each one a bit of heaven. It’s like…these people know what I love. But can I wear them? I’ve tried a different one each morning, and I’ve spent my days happily sniffing my fingers (ewwww!) and smelling lovely. 
I don’t know what kind of magic y’all are putting in your lotions, but you have a customer for life. 
Thank you!
Dannette Greenslade

This order is for my daughter’s birthday. I absolutely love your products and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this amazing mother, wife and daughter for her special day.

Damain Woodhams

I have been a long-time customer, and ordered products from your website for others, but never for myself.  A couple of weeks ago, I placed an order, and was ecstatic when I opened my package. It is evident that you take great pride in not only making your products (which are awesome), but also putting all the special touches into the exquisite wrapping. You’ve set the “high bar” for online retail commerce. As I opened the package, I felt like it was my birthday and Christmas!  The experience was exhilarating, and just the pick-me-up I needed.

Please thank the entire team who work to make your company great, and keep doing what you’re doing! Stay safe, stay healthy.


If French Peony bar soap becomes available between order time and shipping my order please add to my order. Pleeeeeaaaase!! I love all floral scents too. I loved all the samples from my last order. I would like to try some of the sugar scrubs?? Thank you!

Adabelle Quintos

Could you please send me some samples? I love your products❤️

Giovana Parre

Hello Mario !! I hope you are doing alright in these crazy times. I think of you often and LOVE all my beautiful products form you. Stay well my friend I hope to see you again sometime!! I just bought my sisters Birthday gifts!! xxoo

Jaime Cashier

thank you for providing my family with products that deliver tiny moments of joy each time we wash our hands ,dishes, clothing and bodies! You have captured God’s natural gifts to do this, and we appreciate that work…

Mary Brennan

good evening Mario, my orders have been lovely, please send samples to share in this order, Thankyou

Gayla Standley

Thank you! Lovely products!

Lenny Kroen

I just can’t wait to smell and try my products!! Thank you!

Adabelle Quintos

I love the samples you send! Please send whatever you can! Thank you!

Emily Carter

My wife Vikki just loves your products, and she has many friends. Any samples that you can afford to send would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Parker

Hello Mario, I loved my last order, had to order more, please send me more samples for sharing, thankyou

Gayla Standley

Be well, stay safe, and thank you for continuing to make such beautiful products!!

Shellie Ramazzotti

I love your products ! I am looking forward to the butter & hand products!

Susan Bell

Highly recommended to you by client Norma Kulina

Leah Rue-Stroupe

Third time ordering… Your products are wonderful! Thank you sooo very much!

Laureen Wright

I am so happy to have found you again – I love the Marina Blue scent, but have been out of it for quite a while. I found an old bottle of ironing water and was able to find you! Can’t wait to get my order! Y’all stay healthy and safe 🙂

Julia Lockhart


Patricia Roupe

I love your scents! I discovered your brand on a road trip through CA and fell in love. Would it be possible to sample your full line of scents?

Kathryn Pfau

Hi Mario. I hope your staying healthy. Be careful. I caught the nasty virus and it took me a good 3 months to get better. Thinking of you. I’m excited about the perfume. Pamplemousse is my favorite scent. Thank you for the sale prices. All the best to you.love, betsy

Betsy Stowater

I have ordered from you many times over the past 10 to 15 years but I don’t remember whether I ever set up an account or not. I love your products, Mario. LOVE them!!!

Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Even though I made two orders on the same day, please do not combine them into one box. I am giving the boxes away as is in your beautiful wrapping with your marvelous samples! :-). Thank you. Hope you are all doing well on your end. I love your marvelous sales and can’t help but keep buying! 🙂

Sonja Johnson

Hello to you!! Thank you for the Men’s scent testers. This one is our new fave. My three boys/men think the scent reminds them of our time share in Cabo San Lucas that we go to all the time but missed this year due to covid. I will need to put a more masculine label on the bottles…lol…but they all wanted them. Thank you so much for your products. I just am soooo impressed with everything and am so grateful to have found your website. I hope you are doing well. Stay Safe.

Erika Rieger

Hello, Thank you for sending me the samples, but I’m not crazy about the other fragrances. If you could please give them to other customers that would be great. Your service and products are wonderful. I have given your site to many friends.

Robin Barta

Hey! Mario! Just a note to let you know accentric Fine Furnishings & Gifts is no longer! Brian and I sold and retired and are purchasing your great products on line. Hope you are well and business continues to be great. Best. 

Charlie Hamilton

Can you send me a sample of your top two men’s scents for hand soap? Pretty please. I can’t tell by description. I sure hope you are still doing well. The MOMS loved their pretty gifts!! I love your products sooo much. The samples sure help as I have only smelled the 4 available in Jasmine. Thank you!

Erika Rieger

I love your samples. I share with my 87 year old Mom with dementia & she loves them. Thinks it’s Christmas ever time I give them to her.

Robyn Merkley

Thank you!!! My favorite Fragrance is so important to my happiness right now. Hope you and your family are well Mario.

Heather Lunan

You always do a wonderful job packaging/wrapping the orders! As this is a Mother’s Day gift, will you please make it all the more deserving of the recipient. Thank you so much.

Amir Ahmadi

Thank you for your AMAZING products and absolutely LOVE your samples! SO FUN!!

Jeff Paynton

Thanks for making spray hand sanitizer! Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

Janelle Neal

Hello Mario! I hope you are well during this dreadful pandemic! I so appreciate your wonderful products, the scent allows me to escape the dullness of sheltering in place so long! Best Regards


Please ship ASAP and email tracking info. Thank you for keeping us sanitized and smelling beautiful!

Tracy Gallant

This is a birthday gift (50th) for my sister Ann. Please, if possible, could you enclose a note card reading: “Happy Birthday Ann…You are as Beautiful and Lovely As Ever! Much Love, Eileen”
Thank you …..love your products & I’m enjoying the order I received last week from you very much!

Eileen Pemrick

Thank you! Love your samples and sharing them with friends to introduce your AMAZING collection of fragrances. Namaste and thank you SO MUCH!!

Jeff Paynton

Love your products! My mom and I found the violette lotion in the mid-90s and it’s become one of my fav scents ever!
Also-I tried to leave a google review and it wouldn’t let me. I don’t know if it’s related to being marked “temporarily closed” but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Elena Strom

This is a birthday gift (50th) for my sister Ann. Please, if possible, could you enclose a note card reading: “Happy Birthday Ann…You are as Beautiful and Lovely As Ever! Much Love, Eileen”
Thank you …..love your products & I’m enjoying the order I received last week from you very much!

Eileen Pemrick

Thank you! Love your samples and sharing them with friends to introduce your AMAZING collection of fragrances. Namaste and thank you SO MUCH!!

Jeff Paynton

Love your products! My mom and I found the violette lotion in the mid-90s and it’s become one of my fav scents ever!
Also-I tried to leave a google review and it wouldn’t let me. I don’t know if it’s related to being marked “temporarily closed” but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Elena Strom

Thank you! Love your products! Please consider making a hand sanitizer SPRAY during this time if possible, I would definitely be interested and I’m sure other customers would too!

Janelle Neal

I am giving some soaps to best friends as a treat, is there any way you could give some extra samples to also give them?

Marisa Thomas

Sorry, I had to create 2 orders to get 5 hand sanitizers. Hope that’s ok. You can put both orders in same package if that’s easier for you. Thanks! Hope you’re all doing well. Really glad you created these products.

Marge Haley

Hi Mario – Thank you for the wonderful sale! I’m introducing a friend to your marvelous products with this order. I know she is going to fall in love with everything! I’m watching for you to put your bath salts on sale so I can load up! :). Next I’m going to send a gift to another friend. I want to be sure you’re staying busy with orders so you will be there for us when we can all socialize and I can send my friends into your shop in person! Stay well. Thank you again.

Sonja Johnson

When all goes haywire, one wants to feel a sense of calm, peace, and beauty.
YOU, Mario ~ & La bouquetiere help bring that feeling to my world! A million thanks! Be well and take good care of your heart! Ciao, Shellie

Shellie Ramazzotti

Hello Mario, Happy Easter!! It’s your old friend Jaime Cashier. My sister Gina has kept me up to date on all going on with you and I am so glad you are doing well and staying healthy!! I miss you. Your website looks beautiful and so fresh for Easter and Spring, well done you!! You are so creative.Your site has so many things I love, I had to restrain myself !! I’m doing great and my daughter is going to college in Maryland in the Fall( can you believe it!!) I am working as much as possible but really enjoying this time with her as we all are inside now. Have a wonderful Easter XXOO

Jaime Cashier

I LOVE your hand Sanitizer!!! 🙂

Brooke Fox

Gifts for friends! Everyone LOVES your sanitizer. Thank you.

Mary Humphrey

Thank you dear. I adore your products. Blessings and love.

Toren Anderson

And since I’m sending your products to friends to try for the first time, I decided I’d better send some of your products to myself to try for the first time – who knew after all these years there were ANY of your products I hadn’t tried! :). Please stay well Mario.

Sonja Johnson

Thank you for offering to send me some sachets. I would like to try:
Pamplemousse Vanille
French Peony
Matins Verts
Feuilles de la Vert
French Lilac
I really appreciate it!!! I am so excited to find a smell that will be just for me. 🙂

Kimberly Dean
I recently was introduced to your products and ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SCENT! My skin salon has recently closed due to the coronavirus shelter-in-place order, so I’m thrilled I can purchase online.

Thank you for all you do!!!! Keep strong! 🙂

Brooke Fox

Please if possible include some other samples of popular lotions. My wife loves your Fleurs du Jour / Marina Blue Body Lotion product.

Robert Parker

Love your scents!

Jan Carey
Dear Mario, what wonderful timing for this sale for me. Thank you and I am so happy to know I am once again receiving your emails.
As always, much continued joy in what you do as we continue to love, use and trust your products.
Ellen Deming

We love your scents and products! Thank you so much for the small lotion samples previously sent with our first order. We would love to have samples of other scents that we are interested in (but not ready to order without smelling first). If possible, could you send us samples of freesia, Muguet, peony, reve pasional…tendre est la nuit is the scent that got us hooked, and we are excited to try more! Thank you!

Fawn Scheer

Have ordered previously and thought I already had an account…. J’adore your Rose Petal Lotion. Great for my skin and people love and comment on it EVERY where I go. Thank you!!

Jeff Paynton
This is my favorite scent. Your packaging is always so beautiful. Thank you !!
Kris Sharley

Birthday gift for my mom – I’ve been keeping up with the tradition of buying this for my mom for the last eight years since my dad has passed. He use to always buy for her.

kathleen henzel

Love your product! Thank you!!!!!! I have been wearing e moi for over 10 years!!!

Cory Davis
I love your samples and can you do separate boxes the Violets is a gift.
Robyn Merkley

Thrilled you have a holiday discount. I used to buy your products in LA but the store closed. So happy to find you.

Donna Jerex

As always I love your products. Thank you for what you do.

Darby Isenberg