Dear Mario:

Everything arrived in good order, but it wasn't in time for my trip. But I'm not disappointed in the least because I already had the powder and the body lotion.

Thank you for creating what really was a spectacular buying experience for me. I love your packaging as well as the care you take in packing your products. Not one thing moved, dented, or broke in shipping - and it came across the country with UPS.

While I feel I pay premium dollars for your products, I get much value for what I spend. The packaging, your wrapping, and all the containers are top shelf. The products themselves are high quality without compromise. And the scent of Tendre est la Nuit is pronounced and the same throughout the collection of the different products.

I cannot think of another personal care, bath, or laundry product that I would select over your offerings. I will continue to be your devoted customer for as long as you maintain such a kind and loving business!

Thank you again for the products, my gifts, and the care you take in everything you do.
Best wishes from cold (but lovely-scented) New England,
Karen King Croci