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Scented Drawer Liners

Our sophisticated and sensually, scented drawer liners come beautifully boxed and packaged in sets of six sheets measuring 16.5″ x 22″. They are lightly infused with our renowned French fragrance on our signature, subtle and elegantly patterned paper.

An alluring addition to your lingerie and linen closets, drawers and armoires, delicately scenting them with your treasured, favorite, French fragrance.

Word of caution :
Our paper has been impregnated with the same fragrance as our body care products, partially diluted with denatured alcohol.
Tested for any paper discoloration from the original paper print before it’s packed.
Ensure all your drawers are dry, clean, and free of other chemicals.
Your garments should be 100% dry.
Drawer liners are not recommended in humid climates.
La Bouquetiere is not responsible for any damage to furniture or garments.

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